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Google + vs. Facebook. We have a winner…!

July 19, 2011

So Facebook and Google + are fighting. Will Google finally take on Facebook? Are we entering a new era? Is Facebook the next My Space? While we cannot address all these questions, we do have a winner: the final user, the marketeers, me and you, the ones that give life to these social spaces.

Over the last couple of months Facebook decided to capitalize or monetize its service. All of a sudden some viral tools were gone and page owners were forced to run advertising to earn more fans. While Google + does not currently support the pages feature, Facebook is reverting and some viral tools are back in place. This could be seen as a defensive move by Facebook, preventing the migration from its platform to Google’s one. In any case, and even if it’s not, it’s very good news for everybody in the social media space.

Starting today, if you are an admin of a page, you can easily invite your friends to join your community and this invitation will pop up in your friends’ notifications’ list. This is a very good notice for small businesses with low marketing budgets that are not willing to invest behind advertising, as it will allow them to create a first base of fans.

You can read the details here:


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