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Frenys made it to the finals!

October 1, 2011

We are happy to announce that Frenys is a finalist of the Media Accelerator Program, a contest ran by IMS and C-Squared. During the Festival of Media LATAM, we will present our company to 750 Budget decision makers and budget holders. We are confident to convince the judges and the audience and win the competition.

So what’s new about Frenys? What’s the big difference between us and them? What are we going to say in our 5 minutes pitch? We only need 3 words or 10 seconds for that: WE KNOW BETTER. Social Media is a new world and thus has some new rules. Still most companies are playing the old fashion way: they have deep pockets and push their content to the audience. They pay for advertising and count fans as hits or TPR’S. And they even congratulate themselves when they reach 100K or 1 mi views.

Actually there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that if you are clever enough you can save a lot of money. And we learned that by helping small companies develop successful communities that are over 10K fans. These companies don’t have a lot of money and so they are willing to invest less and get more. This is exactly what we do: we lower their CPA by checking that the content is relevant enough for that particular community and by using a sniper instead of a bomb. This way the user pours the content to its friends and we end up converting friends of fans into actual fans.

Is this still valid for big companies? Well sure it is. There’s only a small problem: media companies. They raise money by selling ads. They actually make more money if you buy more ads. And they are not willing to change their business model. Having said that, we really have to thank IMS for believing in us. They clearly understood that the new world has new rules and that in this new world they have to raise money on a different way.

It took a lot of time for the record companies to get used to the new itunes world. It certainly took a lot of time for videogame companies to move away from consoles and play in the social world. And it will take a lot of time for media companies to change their business models. At least you now know IMS is a very innovative company that is ahead in the social world. And that Frenys is the right vehicle to play cleverly in the new social environment.

Want to learn more about the festival of media? Take a look at this link
We are also scheduling meetings at the festival. Just let us know if you want a Frenys representative to reach you by writing at


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